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Terry's Peace Corps Experience: Uralsk, Kazakhstan

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IBC Group (IBC)

On May 18, 2004, I started my first day at IBC Group. I will be working at IBC until May 2006. So, let me provide an overview of IBC and discuss some of the key projects that I will be involved in over my two years.

IBC was founded by Zinad Musina around 1998. She started with an idea to try and help stimulate the West Kazakhstan Oblast economy by helping small and medium size businesses. Today, the IBC Group operates 3 major businesses. 1) Business Incubator 2) Loan Fund 3) Internet Division. All three divsions are housed in the incubator complex located near the bazaar in Uralsk. We also operate a small internet cafe locaed in the Evrasia Institure.

For a brief description of each of the divisions from my perspective click on one of the buttons to the right or you can visit our new site to find out more about all of the divisions and projects at IBC Group.The site was launched in late 2004 and was developed by our Internet division.

Since arriving at IBC in May 2004, I have been involved in the following projects.

BG Kazakhstan Orphanage Project

Completion of Internet Business Project

Incubator Renovations

Update of Incubator Business Plan

Launch of Internet Divison

Redesign of IBC Website

Business English

Advertising/Marketing Training

Mini MBA Training Program

Entrepreneur Resource Center

Sharepoint Portal Training






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