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Terry's Peace Corps Experience: Uralsk, Kazakhstan

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Photos from PC Training Kaz Flag

I have posted a few photos from Staging in DC, culture day in Almaty, Medeo, Eric's b-day in the mountains, Peace Corps office open house, Shymkent Practicum, gymnastics competition, site announcement, Regional Director visit, day at the spa, visit to the falcon farm and Issyk.

Kaz 14 in DC

Before Departing DC


Staging Staff

Dombra players



Culture Day

LCF Dancing

Terry and Dancers




Russian Class

Pizza during Class

Sue, George and Jeanne



Issyk Bazar My apartment
My door in Issyk
Bazar John's Family John's Outhouse John's Room
Bazar Vendor Meat at Bazar Kazakh Sleeping Steppe and Mountain
Issyk Snow Medeo Crew Chess Issyk Street
John and Dog
Site Announcement

Camel Farm
Ostrich eating
Ostrich standing
Heather with the Egg
Terry at Ostrich Farm
Baby camel Many baby camels
More baby camels
John and Terry
Becky in Shymkent
Crew on train
Shymkent Backyard
Shymkent Bazar
George, Guzel, and Alicia
Gymnasts on train
Jimmy and Alicia
Jimmy and Alicia on train
Martha and the married couple
Shymkent from train window
Shymkent street
Shymkent Museum
Train Station
Outside at Medeo

View from mountain at Medeo
Rink at Medeo Crew at Medeo
Peace Corps Office
Peace Corps Office
Regional Director in Issyk
John's house
Almaty Park
Almaty Park
kid in park
Almaty Park
church in park
Almaty Park
Crew in Issyk Mountains
Martha, Tom and Ada
Terry and Natasha
Terry in the woods

Crew eating shashlick
Jimmy and John
Almaty Opera House
Snow in Issyk
John, Heather, Ingrid, Mark, Brian, and Sis Crew at Fatima's House Brian and Mark's sis
Group shot at B-day
Sue, John and Fatima
Brian and Heather
Sue and John Dancing
Jason, Martha and Jimmy
Mark, Alicia and Sue
Eric and Sue
Jimmy and Angela John and Bird
Sue and Bird Nina and Bird
Tom and Bird
Issyk View
Kris -- Country Director
Sue and Nina
Jimmy and Martha
Terry and Condoms Spa Pool Outside of Spa
Pool Shot
Steph in Pool Jimmy, Martha and Heather Nina Toilets
Language Class Sheree Sheree Sheree, Mom and Ada
Steph and Tonya Tonya, Jason and Sheree
Jason and Counterpart
Aray Aray Terry and counterpart girls Two Families
John's Family LCF
The Crew Strawberry Fatima and Terry
Anara, Gulzada, and Aray Crew at site announcement Aitzhamal Nina
Gulzada and Terry Fatima, Gulzada, and Terry Goodbye Issyk Sue and Aray
Sue, Aray and Dennis Lenin in Russia    






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